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    iCE provides VFD Customer Display with reliability, wide viewing angle and long operation life. It’s interface based on RS-232C, and RS232C baud rate from 4800 to 38400bps makes it one of the best in the industry. It is designed in such a manner that user-defined character and message can be downloaded. It is manufactured in an easy-to-use manner making it more customer friendly.

  • ITM 150 iCE Touch Titan Series 15″ LCD Monitor

    15″ Touch Monitor Housing is Metal Design Dismantle base design to support the wall mount design fit in with international standard, Wall Mount 75mm VESA. Housing system using the industrial-grade metal material structural design, durability & heat resistance. 15″ TFT CCFL / LED LCD / 1024×768 Touch Panel Technology ( Optional ): Resistive ( 5-wire ) / Capacitance / Surface Acoustic Wave Type Touch Controller for USB / RS232 ( Optional ) Support for POS Peripherals : – Card Reader – VFD Customer Display – 10″、15″ 2nd Second display. Support System Box modular ( CPU / RAM / 2.5″ Storage ) for upgrade to A-I-O POS Terminal ( Optional )