Barcode Scanners

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  • VS 3200 Datalogic 1D Optional Upgradeable To 2D Vertical Desktop Scanner

    The Magellan™ 3200VSi bar code reader brings imaging technology to retailers that require high performance in a compact, vertical form factor. Its imaging technology provides outstanding performance when capturing hard-to-read bar codes such as truncated (short), out-of-spec, poorly printed and GS1 DataBar™ codes and provides support for both linear (1D) and 2D label decoding. The Magellan 3200VSi imager enables both sweep and presentation scanning techniques ensuring maximum productivity and ergonomic ease.

    A unique included feature is a Micro-SD card reader to help with software management, upgrading and maintenance. Most of the 3200VSi scanner features are software-based allowing new capabilities to be added, even after the initial installation.

  • YJ 3300 Youjie 1D Hand Held Barcode Scanner

    Honeywell Youjie YJ3300 Handheld 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

    YJ3300 is an affordable hand-held laser barcode scanner that offers an alternative to CCD scanners. Its functional ergonomic design enables itself to fit in a wide variety of applications.

  • YJ 5900 Youjie Omnidirectional 1D Barcode Scanner

    Youjie 5900 Omnidirectional Laser Scanner

    The Youjie 5900 omnidirectional hands-free compact laser scanner with increased scanning performance is perfect for various convenience stores and specialty stores.In addition to being an ideal choice for small to mid-volume scanning in retail environments such as convenience stores, liquor stores and harmacies, it is also a perfect choice for presentation scanning in industrial environments,such as factory production and manufacturing.
  • Yj4600 Youjie 2D Hand Held Barcode Scanner


    YJ4600 is a general purpose area imaging scanner targeting low to middle segments of the 2D market. With competitive pricing, outstanding performance, ergonomic design, and optimal functionality, it meets the demands of a wide variety of applications

  • ZL 2200 Youjie 1D USB Low Cost Barcode Scanner

    Honeywell Youjie ZL2200 Single-line Laser Scanner truly frees users from repetitive and tedious data collection work, eliminating errors from manual records entry.