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POSBANK offers a wide range of software options that can meet the demanding need of today’s businesses. Our software is designed to simplify daily operations of any business. Improving access to critical sales data to detailed analysis of daily operations.

POPS Resturant

Feature-rich, Easy-to-use and Cost Effective Solution for Restaurant Owners.

POPS Restaurant software allow businesses to maximize their productivity and earnings potential with intuitive software solutions in an ever-changing restaurant industry. you need the ability to offer your customers a feature-packed POS software solution that keep pace with varying business demand.

Our POPs Restaurant software has a wide array of features and easy to use interface , ensuring a smooth operation of any restaurant.

User-Defined Interface
  • Customizable Menu by Category & Item
  •  Table Map Design
  •  Define POS Function Buttons & Screen Lay-out
Dine-In and Quick service
  • Stylish and Modern User Interface
  • Easy Menu Management
  •  Simple Order Entry screen
  • Table Management
  • Combine and Split Orders
  •  Reservations and Waiting Management
  • Barcode Ordering
Variety of Payment options
  • Paper and Electronic Checks
  • Gift Cards
  • Coupons
  • Customer Member Points
  • Cash
Employee Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • time card Tracking
  • Defining Security Levels for Each Employee
  • Employee Performance
  •  Payroll
  • Training Mode
Sales Reports
  •  Sales Total
  • Simple Sales Total
  •  Detail Sales Report
  •  Cashier In / Out Report
  •  Cancelled Order History
  •  Daily Cash In / Out Report
  •  Sales / Gratuity Report by Employee
  •  Sales Report by the Day
  •  Sales by Hours
  •  Sales Volume by Item Type
  •  Sales Volume by Account Type
  •  Top Sales Item Report
POPs Restaurant Management

Now you can Manage your POPs Restaurant by using your mobile phone easily anywhere you are.

POPs Management App allows restaurant owners to view sales analysis, restaurant performance and statistics reports through mobile remotely. It is user friendly platform embedded with notification functionality on various restaurant operation such as cancelling orders. In addition to that user could change prices and view previous reports at any time.

  • View sales & analysis reports
  • Multi branches panel
  • Instant overview of restaurant progress
  • Change prices & availability of the items
  • Cancelled orders management
  • Restaurant configuration settings

Mobile Ordering APP

POPs W+ App is a waiter tool used to place orders through mobiles and tablets. This tool speed up orders operation especially dine-in and car take out orders. It will reduce the operation cost and minimize number of waiters.

  • Speed up ordering process
  • Increase sale and improver business
  • Improve communication between staff
  • Better customer service
  • Controlling the order directly


myPOPs is an advance App for Pops Restaurant Software used to place orders by the restaurant guests. myPOPs could be used as a digital menu as well in addition to a waiter caller system.

myPOPs will give you a different experience in your restaurant operation process. it is save time, efforts and will increase the guests satisfactions.

  • Digital menu
  • Waiter caller system
  • Self ordering system
  • Improve customer experience
  • Experience rating system
POPs Restaurant Cloud

Now you can manage & monitor your Branches by using POPs Cloud System in the Back office departments with the ability to grant different permissions for each user

POPs Cloud System is a cloud portal to manage and maintain restaurant operations through internet via any device. It could be used by Accounts Department or Management Department to view various types of reports, add new items and modify prices. POPs Cloud System is useful for multi branches restaurants and restaurants with separate management office.

  • Reports & analysis
  • Create & update menu remotely
  • Sales history
  • Multi branches control

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Office 12, Tubli, Kingdom of Bahrain


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