Building 118A, Road 11, Block 707, Office 12, Tubli, Kingdom of Bahrain

Abdulaal offers IT solutions for businesses from all sectors of any size, and provides complete and convenient technical support to them.
our services include programming tailored sales system for retailers.

For all businesses and retail sectors

Red Hat by Abdulaal is designed to fit any retail shop to help the business owners to organzie their work, optimize their sales and maximize their profits, while still keeping it simple and easy. Red Hat is widely compatible and comes with tons of useful features tailored for every shop.

System Features

User Interface
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Multi Language
  • Graphical Reports
Service Optimization
  • Support Loyalty Cards
  • Appointment System
  • Sales Promotions System
Multi payment methode
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Coupons
  • Customer Points
Reliable & Secure
  • Maintenance Processing
  • User Permission system
  • High Security Level
Multi Modules
  • Inventory Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Sales Module
  • Accounting Module
  • Human Resources Module
  • System Management
Supply Management
  • Re-order Stock Alert
  • Multi Inventory & Stock Transfer
  • Supplier Statement Reports
  • Order Tracking Option
Employee Management
  • Sales Man Commissions
  • Human Resource Expiry Alert

Building 118A, Road 11, Block 707,
Office 12, Tubli, Kingdom of Bahrain


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